Sunday, April 10, 2011

New In The Homeless Arsenal: The Mortar

Santa Monica, CA

Last week an explosion went off outside the Chabad House synagogue in Santa Monica. First it was a bomb, then it was an industrial accident.

It's back to being a bomb.

What took them a while to figure out is that it's a weird bomb. The explosive was in a trash bin, over which a few hundred pounds of concrete had been poured with a big-ass pipe stuck in the middle.

The blast launched the whole thing into the air and sent it into the next-door neighbor's house.

Either he hates the neighbor, or he's got really bad aim

Cops and the FBI are now looking for 60-year-old Ron Hirsch, a homeless guy who's been seen sleeping outside the synagogue and has been known to hit them up looking for hand-outs.

Creepy Santa

Okay, so what did he use? And how'd he got his hands on enough of it to toss a 300-pound chunk of pipe and concrete through somebody's roof? We're not talking the PC/Vaseline trick here. That's not going to give you nearly enough boom.

Anyway, if you see Crazy Eyes up there around call the cops.

And if he asks you for spare change, for god's sake give it to him. Never know what'll set him off.

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dr. preta said...

That's a lot of pipe.