Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That's Noir With An E, People

Late last week I was asked if confusion between this blog and the new Rockstar Game, L.A. Noire, was doing anything to my traffic. And at the time the answer was not really. A little bit, sure, but between feed readers, Twitter and Facebook (surprisingly few bots), I get about 200 to 300 people a day. Even when I don't post anything.

That was last week. Over the weekend my traffic went up about 15% with searches about the game, which comes out today? I think? Funny, because before this post I don't think I've ever mentioned it here.

I'm not affiliated with it and I probably will never play it. Not because I don't want to. It looks great. The recreation of 1947 architecture alone gives me a stiffy. But I game on a PC. Not a fan of consoles and, like their game Red Dead Redemption it's not out on the PC.

Anyway, if you've come here looking for stuff about the game, you're in the wrong place. Sorry. Can't help you.

But I do appreciate the traffic if for no other reason than you people look for some seriously weird shit.

Okay, questions about how to arrest people in the game I can understand. And the ones asking about place names, like if Griffith Park or Pasadena are in the game (But Azusa? Seriously? You want to go to Azusa?) But after a while it gets a little... odd.

A lot of you are looking for in game prostitutes. Hey, fine, whatever floats your boat. Not judging.

But really, A LOT of you are looking for in game prostitutes, hookers, strippers, boobs, sex, and porn.

And elephants.

I don't know why, but I'm seeing searches for "L.A. Noire elephants". Are there elephants in the game? And what do you want to do with them? Is this some frighteningly specific new fetish I don't know about?

Because if so, I'm hurt. I trust you people to tell me these things.

Or are you asking about these elephants? The elephant statues that stood outside the Selig Zoo in Lincoln Park are the only ones I can think of from that era. But I think they were gone by the time that the game is set, though the gates were still there until, what, the Sixties?

They're the only ones that spring to mind. Sorry.

The one question that comes up time and again that I think I can accurately answer without even seeing the game played is this: "Is L.A. Noire inappropriate?"

If you're buying it for a twelve-year-old, sure. It's a Rockstar game, people. About brutal crimes set in one of the ugliest, dirtiest times in L.A.'s history.

But it sure looks pretty.


Ben said...

I'm a complete neophyte about Los Angeles. I'm an East coast boy with a chip on my shoulder and a rock in my shoes. Think the game is great so far at representing L.A as an American dreamscape. And dead, naked prostitutes. It's a game, I mean I would've interrogated and beat up folks in Timbuktu, it would've been as fun

Stephen Blackmoore said...

From what I understand they did a bang-up job recreating 1940's L.A. Though it does look to be a little clean. Back then the smog was so bad there's a story about how a woman walked to lunch and when she got back her nylons had melted.

To an historian of the time they seemed to have missed some key elements.

This play through by 1947 Project is hysterical and makes me want to play the game even more.


Either way, I hope the gameplay is as engaging and intriguing as the visuals seem to be.

Ben said...

It is, it's a little slow paced, but I like slow pace. The writing is, as usual, top notch. Which is not the norm in video games. I wrote a blog post on my first sitting today

Danielle said...

Great post! I found your blog by clicking on a blogroll link from someone else's site, but I'll admit my curiosity was piqued because I just got the game last week. As someone who was born & raised in L.A. (and who's also a big historical landmark nerd), it was pretty awesome to see what the city looked like in the '40s.

Pretty great that you're in a unique position to see what people are searching for. In any case, I'm glad I found your blog (even if it was through geek-like means).

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Welcome, Danielle.

Have you checked out The 1947 Project?


They've got an interesting write-up on what is and isn't in the game.