Friday, June 24, 2011

Stealing Candy (Wallets) From Babies (Strollers)

Los Angeles, CA

A few weeks ago two women were videotaped by security cameras stealing a wallet from a purse left hanging over the handle of a baby stroller at a swap meet in Downtown L.A.

Take a few minutes and watch the video. It's an interesting lesson in tag team pickpocketing. The victim, a young woman in a blue and white striped shirt, has no idea it's happening. The two pickpockets, however, have her made the entire time and do a pretty good job of acting as each other's lookouts and diversions without tipping their hand to the other shoppers what they're doing. I mean, they got away with it.

Well, they sort of got away with it. I mean except for that whole "getting caught on camera" thing.

Once the video was aired the LAPD got enough tips to identify the women as Bertha Dona Vargas, 55, of West Covina and Norma Lizette Reyes, 51, of Los Angeles.

Somebody pulled out the ugly stick

Detectives served warrants at their homes on Wednesday in West Covina and Silverlake, but alas, the ladies were not at home. Police expect they're hanging out with friends or relatives.

If you've got any ideas where these seasoned professionals might be holed up, give Detective Mike Mazzacano at 213-972-1231 a ring.

Oh, and folks, do yourself a favor and don't leave your wallets hanging out like they've got a fucking sign that says, "RIP ME OFF".

Really, we'll all be happier.


Garner Davis said...

Those women should've realized they might get caught on camera ... and worn a little makeup, for God's sake!

Anonymous said...

And please, please, parents, don't leave your stroller unattended! Thank God it was only a wallet.