Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Think This Fills My Yearly Quota For Tasteless Dick Jokes

Garden Grove, CA

So Mr. and Mrs. Becker have fallen on some rough times. It happens. The magic's gone. The spark has faded. And when that happens we all know what happens next.

Mrs. Becker's chopping off Mr. Becker's penis and tossing it down the garbage disposal.

Catherine Kieu Becker, 48, in the midst of a divorce, offered to go to her estranged husband's home and cook him dinner as part of a reconciliation. Instead, she appears to have drugged his food, tied him to his bed and lopped off his penis, which she then tossed into the garbage disposal, grinding it into kibble.

Henceforth the machine shall be known as The Becker Pecker Wrecker.

By Black And Decker. Naturally.

Now I don't know the dynamic between these two.  Maybe he's a psychotic wife beater.  Maybe she's just batshit crazy.  Doesn't really matter.  It's fucked up all around.

In this tragic tale there's only one thing I'm sure of.

The jokes just write themselves.


Sabrina E. Ogden said...

At least she drugged him first... and I really hope he wasn't awake enough to see that- the garbage disposal part. That would have been worse than watching it being chopped off. I would think... I mean, until it hit the garbage disposal there was still a chance of having it reattached. Maybe.

Thomas Pluck said...

Can you imagine the depths of her hatred?