Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Because Human Trafficking Never Goes Out Of Style

Santa Ana, CA

There's big money in people.  Smuggling them, selling them, enslaving them.  They get duped or kidnapped, sold by their families.  Locked away and forced to do unspeakable things for other people's money.  And the people who do it to them get away with it.

Most of the time.

Samuel Martinez Gonzalez, 26, of Santa Ana was picked up Friday on charges of sex trafficking.  He allegedly lured three girls from Texas aged 15, 15 and 16, to come out to California with him "to go to the beach".

Guess Galveston was too far away.

According to the girls, Gonzalez "...purchased "hoochie" dresses and high heels so they could "go to work" for him".  Hoochie dresses.  Really.

It's not looking good for our little Sammy over here.  Cops traced the cell phone that one of the girl's used to call her parents to track him down.  He was found with one of the fifteen-year-olds and the other two were picked up in an apartment in Orange with two women and another minor police think he was already prostituting.

Looking at ten years to life on this one.  Sex trafficking, transporting a minor across state lines.  Hell, that's automatically kidnapping, isn't it?

It's a mess all around.  These things always are.  But the girls are in protective custody, the creep is in jail.  So that's something.


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Thomas Pluck said...

Unfortunately they usually bargain this down to pandering. If the girls weren't white, I doubt he will be charged with kidnapping. I hope he never sees daylight again. Pimps are the lowest form of life.