Friday, September 23, 2011

Noir At The Bar L.A. #2: Electric Boogaloo

Hey, kids, guess what!


You're supposed to say, "What?!" all excited like. And then the music starts. And then we all start fighting. Like in The Last Dragon, or Gymkata. Or am I thinking Footloose?

Anyway, I'll wait.

That's better. Except you. In the back. Jesus, what's your problem?

The Three Stooges Re-enactment Team of Eric Beetner, MysteryDawg and I are bringing you Noir At The Bar in L.A. again. Okay, technically it's Culver City, but really, who can tell the difference these days?

That's right, a SEQUEL! We're talking Wrath of Khan, here, not Crystal fucking Skull.

October 9th, baby. 8:00pm to 11:00pm at The Mandrake Bar on La Cienega.

We got a lineup of some fantastic writers. We got Matt Funk, Pamila Payne, Jimmy Callaway, and *drum roll*

Christa Faust!!1!!

Ms Faust's new noir masterpiece CHOKE HOLD, the follow-up to MONEY SHOT comes out that week.

Angel Dare went into Witness Protection to escape her past—not as a porn star, but as a killer who took down the sex slavery ring that destroyed her life. But sometimes the past just won’t stay buried. When a former co-star is murdered, it’s up to Angel to get his son, a hotheaded MMA fighter, safely through the unforgiving Arizona desert, shady Mexican bordertowns, and the seductive neon mirage of Las Vegas…
Come on down and get a chance to see her! Live! In Person! Wearing Fabulous Shoes!

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So come on by. There's no cover, but it's a bar so be a dear and buy some expensive booze.

See y'all on the 9th.


John Hornor said...

Shit, I wish I could be there.

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Man, nothing good like this ever goes down in Boston, except the Red Sux. Good luck andcertainly would welcome a re-cap, with pics, of course.