Friday, September 02, 2011

Pretty Sure The Answer Is "Not In Africa"

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Last June Christopher Ryan Smith went on a trip to Africa. Hung out in Johannesburg, went up to the Congo, headed out to Rwanda. Seems he had a great time, too. Paragliding, sand-boarding in some South African mines. Vacation fun, baby!

Too bad he was dead at the time.

Seems Smith was actually murdered last June in his office by his business partner Edward Younghoon Shin, who was picked up for and confessed to the murder earlier this week. He sent messages through Smith's email address to his family talking about his sudden trip to the Congo.

And then he stopped. Probably figured people would assume the guy'd been eaten by a lion, shot by a rebel, shacked up with some Nigerian general's widow who needed help getting her cash out of a bank in Sweden.

Whatever. It didn't work. Took them a few months but they finally figured it out.

Now that Shin's confessed to the killing there's only one question. Where's Smith's body?

Shin's not telling. If he thinks hanging onto that information as a bargaining chip is going to get him leniency from the court, I think he's going to be disappointed.

After all, if the cops can figure out where Smith isn't, I'm willing to bet they'll figure out where he is. And they won't have to book an international flight to do it.


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