Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gotham's Not The Same Since Bruce Hit The Bottle

Pasadena, CA

In the inky depth of night, where terror rules the street only one man can save this vile city of rats and scoundrels.

But he's gotta pick up a 40 first.

Seems the Dark Knight knocked over a liquor store in Pasadena last night. Guy walked in wearing a Batman mask and he and three other guys (no word yet on whether they were dressed as the rest of the Justice League or just Robin, Batgirl and Alfred), waved some guns around and walked off with some cash, cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Lottery tickets.

When Bruce Wayne's playing a scratcher you know the economy's gone to shit.

Cops later picked up the getaway driver and the car, but no sign yet of The Bat. 

It's like he just melted away. Into the shadows. WooooOOoooOOOOoooooo.

Here's a tip, check with that Selina Kyle chick. I hear she's got a thing for him.

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