Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Imagine If His Initials Had Been IED

Los Angeles, CA

The vigilant eyes of the Sheriff are upon you workday commuter. They watch with raptor-like intensity for anything that may step out of the norm, for the hints of terror that dog the men, women and occasional midnight trannies of the Los Angeles public transportation system. And when they find something they SWOOP into action to protect you from greasy backpacks with an implied threat scrawled on in ragged Sharpie.

Union Station was partly evacuated yesterday when Sheriff's deputies caught sight of a lone backpack with the word BANG written on it. This caused much furor and gnashing of teeth. As well as the rush hour closure of the Red and Purple lines between Union Station and the Civic Center as the bomb squad sniffed it over to find...

That it belonged to a guy named Bang Bang.

Hooray! Once again paranoid vigilance saves the day!

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