Thursday, December 29, 2011

In Which I Feel Sorry For A Botanist With An Unfortunate Name

CITY OF THE LOST is out next week, people. NEXT FUCKING WEEK!!!1!!

In fact, thanks to Mr. Thomas Pluck, there are reports of it already out in the wild.

And thus today begins the cycle of unrepentant book flogging!

You know, like spanking only not as fun.

And we start it over at the digs of crazed Scottish author Russel D McLean where I talk about the dangers of a missing O, Scottish botany and startling profanity.

In other news, and I'll be talking about this every single day until it happens, I'm a signin' me some books!

Come one, come all! I'll be at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach and San Diego next week, Noir At The Bar later next month and up in San Francisco in early February at Borderlands Books. Still finalizing the date on that one.

Friday, January 6th at 7:30pm at Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach.

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Saturday, January 7th at 2:00pm at Mysterious Galaxy San Diego

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And then we're doing Noir At The Bar on Sunday, January 22nd at 8:00pm at The Mandrake Bar in Culver City. Still finalizing details on that one and we'll have more later. But mark the calendar.

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