Monday, January 16, 2012

A Mother's Love

San Dimas, CA

You know how in the movies somebody in jail would get a cake from their girlfriend or their dear old mom and inside there'd be a file for cutting through bars?

Did that ever work? Really? How many hours would it take to get through a set of iron bars? And don't you think the guards would notice? Might as well give them a woodchuck for all the good it would do.

Which makes me think that this mom might have had the right idea.

Rhonda J. Gonzales, 44, went to see her son who's currently doing a stint at Camp Glenn Rockey, a probation camp in San Dimas. Instead of trying to give him useless tools of escape baked into pastries, she brought him bundles of marijuana stuffed in her purse, presumably to smoke and/or trade to make his stay more enjoyable.

Well, she would have if she hadn't gotten caught in the parking lot.

See, before you can go in to the camp you get searched for things like weapons, alcohol, drugs.

Bet she was surprised. Good thing she had a medical marijuana card.

Oh. It was a fake? That's unfortunate.

Hey, wait... you don't suppose. Maybe she knew it was a fake? Nah. I'm sure she's squeaky clean.

Oh, an outstanding warrant, you say? And she went to take pot to her son in jail with a forged medical marijuana card?

Man, she must really love him.

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Mike Dennis said...

What a fortunate son.