Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Release Day Round-Up

With the release of CITY OF THE LOST today, it's been pretty much been like any other day.


But besides having a new book out, I've learned a very important lesson.

I'm a whore.

Really.  I've been bouncing around and popping up like an unfortunate erection.

Like here, at Criminal Element, where you can read the first three chapters.

I'm over at Do Some Damage talking about it and giving you some suggestions about where to buy it. Hint: Bookstores. Like Mysterious Galaxy.

I've even done a couple of interviews over at Bish's Beat and at Spinetingler.

But that's all ME ME ME. The important question is what are other people are saying about me? Or, you know, the book. I guess.

Turns out, some very nice things.

The Qwillery - 5 Quills

My Bookish Ways - 5/5

Rex Robot - 4 out of 5 robots! Robots, people. ROBOTS.

Kirkus Reviews. They gave me a star.  I'm told it's a good thing.

Thanks, everyone, for putting up with my shameless flogging of this thing.  It ain't over, yet, but I promise I'll stop talking about myself soon.

Soon-ish, at any rate.


inkgrrl said...

WOOT! As long as you're whoring can we get a little wiggle and some leg?

Govneh said...

Of course you're a whore, why do you think you have so many friends?
I mean...
Congrats if the right thing to say, right?

BISH said...

Great kick off! Thx for the super interview over @ Bush's Beat ...

Sarah McCanless said...

CONGRATS! I couldn't make it up to Mysterious Galaxy but I did go to a B&N and demand the new release from Stephen Blackmoore in a loud, enthusiastic voice :D