Saturday, March 31, 2012

Don't Read This Book

You can’t sleep. It started like that for all of us, back when we were garden variety insomniacs. Maybe you had nightmares (God knows we all do now), or maybe you just had problems that wouldn’t let you sleep. Hell, maybe you were just over-caffienated. But then something clicked.

That was when you took a long walk down the streets of the Mad City, stopped being a Sleeper, and started being Awake. But that click you heard wasn’t from the secret world snapping into place. It was the sound of the Nightmares flicking off the safety and pointing a gun at your head.
Don't Rest Your Head is a tabletop role-playing game by the amazing and talented folks over at Evil Hat Productions about what happens when the real world shudders into focus and all those nightmares and boogeymen you thought were just inside your head come out to play.

The mastermind behind Evil Hat, Fred Hicks (one seriously smart and talented motherfucker) has put together an anthology of short stories based in the world of Don't Rest Your Head titled DON'T READ THIS BOOK. Thirteen tales of madness and desperation, fear and disquiet.

And it's coming your way.

That there's the cover right there. See that line-up? And me, right up there near the top (It's alphabetical, in case you hadn't noticed). Holy shit there's some talent in this book. Truth be told I'm more than a little intimidated. These are some top notch writers and I'm jazzed they let me into the club.

Comes out in a couple months or thereabouts. Look for it when it does.

 You won't be disappointed.

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Fred Hicks (Evil Hat Productions) said...

Ridiculously pleased that this thing's coming together. Hopefully I can get it put out into the world soon!