Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Condom Police They Live Inside Of Your Head

Los Angeles, CA

Earlier this year L.A. passed an ordinance requiring the use of condoms at location porn shoots done inside city limits. That's a pretty hefty number. They don't call this place Porn Valley for nothin'.

There have been some pretty major health scares in the industry over the last few years and the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, which administered and tracked monthly STD tests for performers, shut down over a database breach last year that exposed some 12,000 (yes, THOUSAND) performers' names and STD results.

So, understandably, this has been considered a win by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

There's just one problem.

Nobody wants to enforce it.

At a meeting yesterday with the city council the LAPD and LAFD made it clear that they're not equipped to do that sort of thing. Good for them. With a $220 million budget gap the city is saying they'll probably have to lay people off. Toss in the latest LAFD response time controversy and it's pretty clear they've got better things to do.

And that's before you get into the industry arguments.
-What would happen if a married man and woman wanted to make a video via location shoot in L.A? The city, one rep argued, would essentially be mandating birth control.

-FilmLA, which coordinates film permits for the city, doesn't ask producers whether or not their productions involve sex.

-How would so-called "cam sites" be regulated: They beam live sex to the web, sometimes from the privacy of people's homes. Would a couple broadcasting their sessions from the city of L.A. have to use condoms? Is the city ready to inspect or even raid homes over condom use?
Passing regulations without bothering to figure out how to enforce or pay for them is just another example of L.A. idiot politics.

Worst case, I suppose they could find volunteers. Any takers? I hear they give you a snazzy helmet with a giant penis on top.

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