Friday, May 04, 2012

Round Up The Usual Suspects - Noir At The Bar Returns

We're at it again, folks.

Noir At The Bar is back on May 20th at The Mandrake Bar in Culver City.

We've got another stellar lineup. Lisa Brackmann (GETAWAY, ROCK, PAPER, TIGER), Eric Stone (SHANGHAIED, FLIGHT OF THE HORNBILL), Brett Battles (THE DESTROYED, NO RETURN), Fingers Murphy (FOLLOW THE MONEY, THE FLAMING MOTEL) and Mystery Dawg.

Eric Beetner's got some short film he wants to show y'all. I have no idea what it is.

Here's hoping there are boobs in it.

And, of course, Mysterious Galaxy will be in the house selling some books.

We open up at 8:00pm and readings start at 9:00. That'll give you a chance to get your drink on. Partway through we'll have a short break so you can do a line in the bathroom grab another beer and stay good and drunk.

Because if you're not getting drunk, what the fuck are you doing in a bar in the first place?

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