Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Don't Order The Soup

Lomita, CA

Dawn Viens, the wife of Thyme Contemporary Cafe owner David Viens, went missing last year.

When David discovered that he was a suspect in her murder he tried to kill himself by throwing himself off a cliff in Palos Verdes, but survived.

Cops dug up the restaurant, went through the house. Couldn't find the body.

And now we have a pretty good idea why.

Prosecution has a recorded confession that popped up in court the other day of Mister Viens saying that not only did he kill her (he says it was an accident), but he got rid of the body by boiling it for four days until the meat just sort of floated off the bones. He mixed it with restaurant waste, tossed it down the grease pit and scattered the rest around town. The only piece he said he kept was her skull, which is supposedly in his mother's attic, but the cops haven't found it.

Wow. That's really fucked up. I mean, four days? Was the restaurant open at the time? Did people actually eat there while the body boiling was going on? I'm assuming the restaurant was a one man operation because I can't imagine you'd be able to hide that from your employees. God forbid they think it's the day's special and...

Ya know, I'm not even gonna finish that thought.

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