Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Los Angeles, CA

Say you've just robbed a bank.  And it's not going well.

You've got cops crawling up your ass like they're looking for polyps. You've got helicopters buzzing overhead like pissed off vultures.  The news crews are tracking you on iPhone apps and your options are dropping faster than Dotcom stock options.

You know what you need?  A diversion.  Something you can toss out behind you to make things worse for the cops.  Like that chaff stuff on fighter jets.

But all you've got are these huge wads of cash...

Some guys knocked over a Bank of America this morning in Sylmar and took the cops on a merry jaunt that led them down near USC before they started chucking cash out of the car.

Didn't take the locals long to figure out what was going on, resulting in:

That's right, the street filled up during a police pursuit with people looking to get hold of some sweet, sweet Benjamins.  Like tossing chum out for the sharks.

Didn't help the bank robbers any.  A couple who broke off on foot in Sylmar got away, but the rest got picked up by Sheriff's deputies when they, surprise, hit traffic.

You know one of the big questions in the interrogation room is going to be, "Which one of you geniuses thought this was a good idea?"

I don't think anybody's going to admit to that one.

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