Friday, December 28, 2012

The Thing That Should Scare You Is That This Isn't New

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has been doing a gun buyback program for a few years now after other cities like Compton had so much success with theirs. The idea is that you show up, drop off a gun and get a gift card for things like groceries, toys, electronics, that sort of thing. All of this is no questions asked. In 2005, the year Compton started their program, they pulled in 220 guns.

The other day, L.A. did a collection and pulled in 2,037 guns, including 75 assault weapons, and...

Two rocket launchers.

Yep. A couple of light anti-tank weapons. They're "non-functioning" in the sense that they didn't have any actual rockets. Granted, getting hold of said rockets is not a simple thing. But, come on. ROCKET LAUNCHERS. This is military ordnance designed to take out a tank.

The fact that there were a couple of LAWs floating around is bad enough, but the problem I really have with this is that it's happened before.

Yep, back in May L.A. had another buyback and pulled a rocket launcher in with that one, too.

The fact that there are rocket launchers out there being turned in for groceries makes me wonder what else is out there. One is a fluke. Three in less than a year is not.

The number of guns being turned in is growing every year. Are we going to start seeing more military hardware alongside all the AK knockoffs and Saturday night specials? RPGs? Maybe a Claymore or two?

On the one hand, I hope so, because this shit needs to get off the street. On the other hand I hope not, but only if that means it isn't there to begin with.

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