Friday, February 03, 2012

I Left My Brains In San Francisco

Look out, San Francisco...ites? Is that what you call yourselves? San Francisco-itians? San Franians?

Hey, gimme a break. I'm a fucking Angeleno. Say that a couple times and you'll get just how stupid that sounds.

Anyway, San Francisco, I'll be all up in your bid-ness tomorrow!  Woooo!

I'll be at Borderlands Books tomorrow at 3pm hanging out with author Mira Grant (the darker, more evil, but just as fun alter ego of Seanan McGuire), writer of the zombie novels FEED, DEADLINE and the soon to be released BLACKOUT.

Oh, yeah and I'll be signing copies of CITY OF THE LOST.

Or pretty much anything else you hand me. Unless it's a check (I have no money) or a contract involving my immortal soul (lost in a poker game in Savannah in '87).

If you're in the area, come on down. I'd love to meet you.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Why Do They Keep Bringing Swords To Gunfights?

Lancaster, CA

There's a mystique around bladed weapons. Some Zatoichi shit or something. I don't know.

Whatever it is it makes idiots do really stupid things.

And here's the latest.

While L.A. County sheriff's deputies were serving a search warrant at a home in Lancaster looking for narcotics a 68-year-old man came out of a bedroom waving a 4-foot-long sword.

So they shot him.

It's like rock/paper/scissors, folks. Gun beats them all.