Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Now That's A Half-Time Show

Movies are big in L.A., in case you hadn't noticed. All types of movies. Summer blockbusters, RomComs, quirky indie hipster fare, gangbang porn films that cause a stink because they're filmed at the Coliseum.

Back in 2001 the adult film company Anabolic Video filmed The Gangbang Girl #32, with Kimberly Franklin as The Slutty Cheerleader, Gauge and Sienna as the Bitchy and Upset Stranded Girls respectively and Mr. Marcus as the Chief Perverted Mechanic/Football Player 9.

Bit of trivia, Mr. Marcus is a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Anyway, the problem is that in order for them to have filmed at the Coliseum and have access to the lights and grounds they would have needed permission. You don't just wander into the place and throw a switch and hope you can get done filming before the cops show up.

The cops, in fact, did show up. In a helicopter. And hovered there a bit while they were filming. Beats chasing liquor store robbers in South Central, I suppose.

Personally, I don't see the big deal. Fucking is legal. Filming fucking is legal. Last time I checked filming lots of people fucking was legal. And even when it's not it's often a pretty gray area. Hell, when the Times asked the California attorney general if it was illegal to film porn on state property, even they didn't know.

Now this would just be an embarrassing little blip on the radar except that this comes on the heels of last year's resignation of Coliseum General Manager Patrick Lynch, who, along with ex-events manager Todd DeStefano, was indicted this past March in a whopper of a corruption case involving kickbacks, bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy, the works.

So who authorized the video company's use of the Coliseum? And how much did they pay for the privilege?

And into whose pocket did the money go?

Be interesting to see if this shows up in Lynch's and DeStefano's hearings. The idea that a bunch of jurors will have to sit through a gangbang picture during a corruption trial makes me ridiculously happy.

They might not like it, though. It only got a 5.6 rating on IMDB.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Round Up The Usual Suspects - Noir At The Bar Returns

We're at it again, folks.

Noir At The Bar is back on May 20th at The Mandrake Bar in Culver City.

We've got another stellar lineup. Lisa Brackmann (GETAWAY, ROCK, PAPER, TIGER), Eric Stone (SHANGHAIED, FLIGHT OF THE HORNBILL), Brett Battles (THE DESTROYED, NO RETURN), Fingers Murphy (FOLLOW THE MONEY, THE FLAMING MOTEL) and Mystery Dawg.

Eric Beetner's got some short film he wants to show y'all. I have no idea what it is.

Here's hoping there are boobs in it.

And, of course, Mysterious Galaxy will be in the house selling some books.

We open up at 8:00pm and readings start at 9:00. That'll give you a chance to get your drink on. Partway through we'll have a short break so you can do a line in the bathroom grab another beer and stay good and drunk.

Because if you're not getting drunk, what the fuck are you doing in a bar in the first place?