Monday, June 11, 2012

And Now Onto The Organ Harvesting Portion Of Our Show

Los Angeles, CA

There's a lot of trash on the sidewalks of Los Angeles. You can find all kinds of shit sitting in the gutter. Empty 40's of Colt .45, crack vials, used condoms, syringes.

And lungs.

L.A. Sheriff's Deputies responded to a call of a pair of lungs on the sidewalk in South Los Angeles last night around 8:30.

And when they got there, they looked at 'em and realized that they in fact do appear to be a pair of lungs. But accuracy is important in things like this and they're hedging their bets.

According to Sgt. Robert Dean of the LASD, "We don't know what they are," Dean said. "It's really weird."

They're not entirely sure that they're real, are actually lungs or are, in fact, even human. And now the L.A. County Coronor is taking over and will see if they're something like goat lungs or if we need to start worrying about serial killers who can't keep track of their internal organs.

My money's on goat, but a boy can dream.