Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Where The Wild Things Aren't

Los Angeles, CA

Crime has been dropping steadily in Los Angeles for the last ten years.  How much?

Well, to use homicides as an example, in 1991 the CITY of Los Angeles, not County, clocked in at 1025 murders.

In 2012?  298.

That's a drop of about 340%.

Year Homicides Year Homicides
1991 1025 2002 645
1992 1092 2003 506
1993 1077 2004 518
1994 850 2005 490
1995 838 2006 481
1996 707 2007 398
1997 566 2008 388
1998 419 2009 314
1999 432 2010 297
2000 548 2011 298
2001 605 2012 298

And because I just love me some charts, take a look at this Matterhorn-like plunge.

Impressive ain't it?

So impressive, in fact, that the New York Daily News has declared that Los Angles is now the safest big city in America.  Who'da thunk?

Now I don't know if that's necessarily true.  I haven't looked at numbers from the rest of the nation.  And it's not like we're not still pretty jacked up out here.  We still have a fuckton of crime.

It's hard to draw comparisons between cities.  Compared to, say, New York, L.A. has about a third the number of police (~10K versus ~27K) and half the population.  But the geography and policing challenges are different, so it's not apples to apples.

Either way, it's good news.  I'd really rather not see the Nineties again.


Jackson Honor said...

Interestingly I have just read two novels: James Ellroy's American Tabloid and Richard Godwin's Apostle Rising and they have altered the way I look at crime, as only fiction can do.

Armed said...

Have you seen Mother Jones' pieces on lead and crime??

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Armed, I have seen that.

In fact it's been floating around a few years now. I think around the time that Freakonomics looked at abortion rates as a possible indicator.

Kind of surprised MJ took so long to talk about it, actually.