Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's Shit Like This That Makes People Drink Evian

Los Angeles, CA

The thing about staying in hotels is that you have to worry about things you don't necessarily need to when you stay at home. Bed bugs, for example. Loud, grunty sex next door. Maids stealing your shit. Dead bodies in the plumbing.

This morning, after hearing a complaint of low water pressure, an employee of the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles checked the building's rooftop water tanks and discovered a body inside. It is believed to be that of Elisa Lam of Vancouver, Canada, who went missing a few weeks ago and was last seen January 31st at the hotel. 

Police can't officially confirm it's her until the coroner's taken a look, but it's a pretty good bet.

Assuming it's Lam and she went into the tank the day she disappeared that means she's been in the building's water supply for two and a half weeks.

Corpse water.

Think about that the next time you stay in a hotel.


DanO said...

Minibar prices are about to spike.

Andi Newton said...

And my germ phobia just went into overdrive...

Scott Phillips said...

And Richard Ramirez used to live there, along with some ghosts: http://memoriesproject.com/2012/02/23/dads-stay-at-the-haunted-hotel/