Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Dead Lady In The Water Tank Story Just Got A LOT Weirder

Los Angeles, CA

Police have confirmed that the body of the woman discovered yesterday in the rooftop water tank of the Cecil Hotel is in fact that of Elisa Lam of Vancouver, Canada, who was last seen at the hotel on January 31st.

She was discovered there after hotel residents complained of water pressure issues. Seems she was clogging the pipes, or something. No word on how long she's been in there or how much she... uh... contaminated the building's water.

One of the weird things about this is that the police still aren't sure that there's any foul play involved. Why, I'm not really not sure. Presumably there aren't marks on her body indicative of such. Whatever their reasons they're not saying just yet.

That of course begs the question, "How did she get into the tank?" something we may never get an answer to.

To make things even more confusing / creepy we have some video footage from the elevator taken some time before her death (hat tip to the L.A. Weekly.

Clearly there's something going on here. She's obviously distraught, though over what it's impossible to tell. There's something going on outside of the frame. Also, the doors opening and closing in the latter parts of the video, not to mention the strangely long time it takes for them to close in the first place, just adds to the freak-the-fuck-out factor.

I'm not about to guess as to what this means. There are very capable men and women on the LAPD who are scratching their heads over this right now, I'm sure, not to mention an army of Internet watchers and armchair forensic scientists picking this video apart.

However, I would like to leave you with this. The Cecil has, as much of Skid Row and Downtown's Historic Core, quite the quite the storied history.

And that's not even getting into the ghosts.


Liz Peterson said...

The doors opening frequently at the end are because she pressed EVERY BUTTON in an effort to get the elevator to move.
But why didn't it take her down? Where did she go from there? It's really weird.
I've had my share of paranormal encounters, it wouldn't surprise me if something sinister... Living or dead... Was obstructing the function of the elevator.
She wanted to get out and yet she couldn't. I wonder if an attempt to use the stairs met with a similar block? Poor girl.

Daniel Hatadi said...

After I saw the way she was waving her hands, it looks to me like she was just on acid.

Still quite spooky though.

Maria Alexander said...

She definitely appears to have been mentally ill. To me, the hand waving is similar to that when people hallucinate.

Anonymous said...

Did she have her glasses on? She looks like she can't see? Elevator? A person with an elevator key can control the elevator doors. Also a,maintenance person, owner, worker, or someone took their keys to get access to the roof door where the tanks are! She was killed and she looked like she was.scared of someone!

Anonymous said...

Her family needs to contact me for a good attorney. This is so sad for her family. Prayers. Rude comments should not be allowed!!

Anonymous said...

I beelieve she saw something alarming and ran to the elevator, kept pressing buttons to get the door to close, I also believe whoever frightened her knew how to operate the elevator to keep the door open to escape from whatever event was going on to give a quick escape...and saw the girl, who was frightened beyond belief and left the elevator to assure the person causing this event that she would not tell anyone what she saw., to no avail., then taken to the roof and disposed of in the water tank, an employee of the hotel perhaps., or someone with knowledge of these water tanks, I would be suspicious of what happened on that particular floor. Cay

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